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At the Fence

Elliot worked up some spit and let it drip slowly on to the head of
his erection.  Even in the pre-dawn summer night, heat pressed around
his naked body, squeezing out a light sweat.  He stood in a coccoon of
bushes between his swimming pool and a backyard fence falling apart in
sections.  Shaggy shrubbery running the length of his yard kept the
fence from falling completely over.  The house on the other side had
been vacant forever.

He'd rather be having sex with his wife, Carolyn, but anyting
resembling physical affection had become a dusty myth.  Their three
young children were proof they had once done it. They and the memories
he carried in to the back yard with him several times a week.

Almost three years ago Elliot was tired of  catching flying elbows
with every advance he made.  They argued bitterly.

"If you want sex so bad," she said.  "Why don't you just jack off?"

Elliot lied horribly, therefore dropped the idea of cheating on
Carolyn.  He thought briefly about divorce, but as much as he loved
sex with her and as much as he missed it, it seemed like a foolish
thing over which to end 13 years of marriage.  Besides, he thought,
their marriage had grown warm and comfortable in other ways.  We're
young, too, just thirty-five.  She'll snap out of it one day.

He fantasized about her now as his dick grew harder and longer.  The
pre-children/one-car days when he'd pick her up from the school where
she taught, and once home they'd never make it to the bedroom. 
Clothes torn from each other inside the front door of their apartment,
they'd spend the night exhausted and slick on the hardwood floor. 
They screwed behind the desk in her classroom and on the beach at
sunset.  They blindfolded and tied each other to their bed, employing
silk and ice.

Elliot remembered this now in the bushes.  Two apartments and a house
ago, Carolyn had tied him spread-eagle face up with scarves and
blindfolded him with an old tie-dyed bandana.  She licked and kissed
and sucked him from his toes to his eyebrows.  Gently she traced her
nipples along his torso, stopping to squeeze and pump his dick between
her generous breasts.  Her breath became edgy as she paused, and he
heard the squish of her lips as she fingered herself and thumbed her
clit.  Weight on the bed shifted.  He levitated in anticipation.  Her
wet hand slapped on his sternum and nails dug in.  The other hand
grabbed him, hard and ready like a machine.  Carolyn allowed a small
moan as she lowered herself on to him.

In a few grunting thrusts, mouth dry but shaft slick, Carolyn's breast
lips ass clit flashing a zillion frames a second, he came in arcing
jolts which landed on the grass like hail.

A leaning section of the fence shook, bouncing the shrubs.  Elliot
jumped, shrinking rapidly.  Quick footsteps faded in the yard behind
his house.  Possum, he thought, amused at being startled.  He left his
leafy grotto and slid in to the warm pool, washing off and studying
the moon.  In a few nights it would be full.

Later that day Carolyn called him at work to ask if he would pick up
some lemons on his way home.

"And I forgot to tell you," she said.  "That house behind us finally
sold the other day."  She followed the neighborhood real estate market
like a soap opera.

"Really?  Who bought it?"

"A couple.  No children.  No new playmates for the kids,
unfortunately."  A sigh.  "You'll have to replace that fence now."

Three days later his balls ached again, but he didn't bother to touch
Carolyn.  Tampon wrappers sat like cicada shells in the bathroom
trash.  After grabbing a squeeze bottle of vegetable oil from the
kitchen, he slipped out of his boxers and walked naked through the
yard to his spot, enjoying the ivory light on his skin.

In the thick grass he lay down, knees parted widely.  He drew a line
of oil from the tip of his thumb to the tip of his index finger.  His
last look of Carolyn before he left the bedroom was of her sleeping
above the sheets, a t-shirt rumpled just below her breasts, bare legs
parted invitingly, wild jungle hair pushing from her plain white
panties, and this is what started him stroking.

"May I suck you?"  She asked this every time, eons ago, when she gave
him her mind-bending blowjobs, grinning and growling as she dragged
her tongue to both of his nipples and then slowly to his navel until
she grasped and devoured him.  She spiralled the shaft, lollipopped
the head, then ran it ever so lightly between her teeth.  After lubing
her fingers in her wetness, she drove her bird finger, her name for
her middle one, firmly up his ass.

Elliot ran his thumb over his purple glans at the top of each stroke. 
The other hand squirted more oil on to his balls which ran to his
crack, allowing his own bird finger to slip in and wiggle.

Depending on her former ferocity, a few minutes of sucking plus the
anal jiggling would send Elliot over the edge.  During the sexless
years, ironically, he had taught himself to hold out longer and
longer, to hopefully impress her on the day she returned.  She mounted
him, eyes closed and mouth open in a silent oh.  Her hips rose and
lowered on creamy thighs.  She ground her clit against him.  Carolyn's
phantom face, twisted in pleasure, framed in sweaty hair, crashed on
to his chest.  Her arms snaked around his back, constricting him as
she moaned in to his neck.

Elliot's jiggle hand joined the other, forming a slippery tube from
balls to head.  His breathing echoed to him as her faint cries.  He
pumped hard, lifting his butt from the grass.  The oil and his dick
mimicked the music of Carolyn's pussy.  A few more.  The cries sounded
close.  His balls tightened.

Strings of spunk splashed on his face, chest and stomach.  He kept
stroking as he softened, rubbing his palm over the head as Carolyn
would do with her tongue.  A shiny frosting of oil and come coated his
right thumb.  Slightly salty, he licked it clean.

He scooped the rest in his fingers, licking hungrily, as if someone
would steal it, using his teeth to scrape free every reluctant drop. 
What he could not taste he smeared over his body.  The sky, he
noticed, had brightened.

"Such a waste," a woman's voice said.  "Such a sweet, sweet waste."

Elliot sat halfway up and froze.  She stood about ten feet away in the
gap made by one of the fallen sections of fence.  Naked and slender. 
Spikey blonde hair, almost white.  About his age, maybe older.  Ice
blue eyes held a tentative expression as he studied her.

He began to stand.

"Don't get up for me," she said.  Her voice was quick and girlish,
almost giggling.

"I'm a bit embarrassed, as you might guess."  He leaned back on his
hands, legs open.  Why cover up now?

"Don't be, please.  That was beautiful."  She stepped further in to
the gap on sandalled feet.  Her nipples stood out on modest breasts. 
Ambient light gathered the sheen of juice on her crotch, thighs and
fingers.  "Besides, I was pretty busy myself."

"That was you I heard?"


"And the other day?"

"Me again.  I got a little excited listening to you.  I though today
I'd sneak a peak."

Elliot surprised himself by growing slowly again, and she noticed.

"I'm Julie."

"Elliot."  More lengthening and thickening.

"Where do you go?"  The girlish lilt in her voice disappeared.

"With my wife, years ago."  Elliot pulled his feet together, knees
lowered.  "I don't know what's happened.  I've tried.  We used to all
the time."  His erection stood away from his body.  "You?"

"My husband.  I love him dearly, but..."  A hand went to her sex. 
"That part of him has been so far away."

Elliot stood.  The dried smears stretched and broke.  "But I could
never be with anyone else." He gently ran his fingers along his shaft.

Julie placed a foot on the middle rail of the fallen section,
stretching her legs apart.  One hand kneaded and pulled a nipple. 
Below, her wrist flexed and straightened steadily, a finger sliding
in, out, over.  She did not take her eyes off his hands and their
work.  "Neither could I."  Her words trailed away.  "Ever."

The sun stayed below the trees but had risen enough to bathe the yard
in soft, slanted light.  Their gazes met and wandered, sipping each
other from the shadows.

Julie's hand left her breast.  It pinched briefly at her inner lips
before shoving in two fingers.  She bit her lower lip as the other
hand feathered her clit.  Elliot matched her hands with thrusts
through his own.  Their movements synchronized.

For all they had done years ago, Elliot had never seen Carolyn
masturbate, and here Julie did it with him.  For him, it seemed, to
share a yearning.  He flexed his body harder, wanting to come for her,
to reach her with it.  Julie answered him by sliding in a third
finger.  Her body shook on them, and her clit fingers sped up.

As their rhythm duet meshed and burned higher and brighter, painting
them in a mist of sweat, it conjured an image of Carolyn before
Elliot.  Instead of losing the beat, he became harder, eyes widening
at the shock.  He had split-screen vision.  Julie then inhaled sharply
and whispered the name, "Mark."

Elliot felt Carolyn's ass against him, her nipples rock-like in his
palms as he fucked her from behind.  Julie brought both hands to her
nipples and twisted them.  He saw Carolyn's pussy quiver as he took a
break from licking her when Julie bent forward, sucking her thumb and
using her drippings to ply her slit and ass.  Then Carolyn's breasts
pressed like mounds of dough beneath him, her ankles behind his head,
breathing "harder" as he drove her through the bed.  Both hands
returned to Julie's crotch.

Elliot soaked his hands with all the saliva he had left.  Sharp chuffs
of breath accompanied each push.  Erratic gasps and yelps escaped from
Julie.  Her eyes began to roll back, but they did not break the
connection.  Their beat turned ragged and violent, and her body

Come jerked from Elliot.  He swayed, spraying it with involuntary
convulsions.  Finally he released his dick and caught his breath, a
thick stream of white drawn on his thigh.  Julie panted and freed a
hand to steady herself on a fencepost as the other massaged her mound.
 She brought her foot down and placed her hand on her knee.

"Whew," she said.  "Howdy neighbor."

"I could think of worse ways to introduce yourself."  They stifled
their laughs in to snorts and coughs.

"Do you come here often?"  Another shared church laugh.

"A couple mornings a week," he said.  "Religiously."

"Well then," she said.  She straightened and stepped in to her yard. 
All Elliot saw now was her face upon her narrow shoulder, a cute -- he
noticed at last -- ass and a muscular leg leading from it.  "I guess
we'll chat at the fence again?"

Julie winked and vanished.  Elliot hear her sandals snap toward her
house.  A door openned and lightly shut.

Elliot slipped in to the pool as the sun topped the trees, thinking he
could wait a while to fix that fence.

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