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   The wind howled like wolves, but at least the snow had 
stopped. Ann and Don went outside to gather fresh logs for the 
fire.  White, the endless white of north woods winter, as far as 
they could see--naturally Ann and Don stopped to kiss and then to 
fuck against the side of the shed. "Eeee," Ann screamed, and jets 
of hot creamy cum honeyed her womb.
   Inside, Don fixed the fire and Ann prepared the stew--bunny 
flesh tender as cunt, cooked to perfection. They ate greedily but 
with great pleasure, sucking the savory juices from each other's 
fingers and smiling big smiles. 
   With night the snow resumed. Soft and silent as stardust it 
fell, and Don and Ann embraced by the fire, this time Ann on top. 
Nothing in the world could be as beautiful as Ann's ass. I went 
to touch it. "Uh-uh, naughty-naughty," Ann said, swiveling away. 
   "Why am I even here?" I asked.
   Ann giggled. "To write about us, silly," she said. "But this 
time when I come, more O and less E, please."

by Mat Twassel

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