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I am looking through an old picture book when an ancient National 
Geographic map slides out onto my lap. It's folded up and upside 
down and what's showing is the corner: North Polar Region. There 
is the Arctic Circle, the Arctic Ocean, and in the middle of it a 
thin blue oval which looks exactly like the opening to Laura's 
cunt when she's excited. Hm. I study the map. Greenland from this 
view looks very much like Laura's engorged clitoris, the hood 
puffed up full and fat over the sensitive tip. 

Suddenly there is Laura, kneeling next to me. Grinning. "Whatcha 
doing, honey, planning a trip to the North Pole?" She runs her 
hand under the map, exploring the ridge of my erection.

"Or thereabouts," I tell her.

Greenland never tasted so good.

by Mat Twassel

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