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Subject: {ASSM} [BSFSF] One Last Night in the "Red 5"
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[BSFSF] One Last Night in the "Red 5"

(c) 2003 FranzKafka79


Since it is a flash-stroke-story-festival I used the word stroke in
the story. Alle lines of the story have the lenght (67?), even this
note, therefore I apologize mixing up British and American English.
Also this story was not proof-read, but written down in short time.

[BSFSF] One Last Night in the "Red 5"

Still have not fucked the black-haired-blue-eyed-long-legged Radka,
a few nights later, it was time to return to the "Red 5" for trying
it a last time. If there would not be any success, I give it up and
will stroke forever, I swear. Again she was there, again she smoked
marijuana, again she was in a funny mood. For my pleasure she again
wore a mini-skirt of red leather and a black T-shirt. So WISWWIL --
what I saw, was what I liked! Six minuts later I bought her a drink
and looked forward to, what was to follow, as a young woman brought
her the drink. First, she smiled at me, then smiled to another girl
sitting at her table, said something to her. Leaving for the toilet
she came across my table, her legs in the black nylongs looked mar-
velous! I waited a minute, then followed her. I waited in the men's
restroom. My cock was hard like steel! I wanted her so strongly! In
a moment it would be! .... But why did't she come to me, yet? I was
to have a look! I opened the door to the woman's restroom - WISGMC!
(What I saw got me crazy) Kissing the girl she smoked with, she did
not have any looks for me. Oh no --  I had to leave! Then I ordered
a whiskey. Oh, did I mind the barmaid -- blackhaired Jana ? WISWAS!

What I got was astonishing substitution! Jana is not smoking grass,
General Surgeon warnings do not apply! The pierced belly-button and
the tattoo on her back right above the ass are even more sexy -- no
desire for Radka anymore, and also the BSFSF-festival is over now!!

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