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Mat's Dictionary
   Even the unabridged dictionaries in those days didn't have 
fuck or cunt. What's a boy to do--the Cyclopean blur and burn and 
burst of sex everywhere? Settle for vulva and clitoris and mons 
veneris, of course, which leads to penis and labia and ordinary 
intercourse.  Mat made sure to cut short his study long enough 
before the final bell that his erection (see also priapism) might 
subside: Living down a girlish giggle was worse than never 
knowing orgasm. Sometimes the y's worked: yttrium, yucca, yufts, 
and yunx. Safer to simply slap the book shut. There!
   Alas, after class Laura's lovely eyes undid him instantly. Her 
wry smile, more than a million white-hot sex-words, seized his 
shame and stoked it shamelessly. "Say," she said, "wanna come 
over tonight and study for the test or something?"
   The study started slow: lily, limb, limber, limbo--a retreat 
where things are consigned to oblivion. Then Laura took things 
into her own hands.  "Oh, Mat," she whispered. "It's so big!"
   After that, no more words were needed.

Mat's Dictionary
by Mat Twassel
2003 Bradley Stoke Flash Stroke Festival

This is my final story for this year's BSFSF.  I hope you've
enjoyed the festival as much as I have. You can go to
and do an ASSM Search for BSFSF to find all the stories, or
for the Festival FAQ and Index go to the website:

Desdmona's Erotica Fiction workshop at

Pursuant to the Berne Convention, this work is copyright with all rights
reserved by its author unless explicitly indicated.
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