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Subject: {ASSM} [BSFSF] Another Night in the "Red 5"
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(c) 2003 FranzKafka79


Since it is a flash-stroke-story-festival I used the word stroke in
the story. Alle lines of the story have the lenght (67?), even this
note, therefore I apologize mixing up British and American English.
Also this story was not proof-read, but written down in short time.

[BSFSF] One More Night in the "Red 5"

Some nights later my desire to fuck Radka get stronger and stronger
and therefore I went to the "Red 5" again. There she was -- wearing
blue jeans and a black transparent lycra top showing her black bra.
Standing in a group of 5 to 6 young men, she was smoking Marlboros,
drinking some Becherovka and also a joint went around. Radka's blue
eyes were not piercing us usual but kind of glassy -- certainly the
marijuana and the alcohol already did theirs, and she was laughing,
dancing and loudly talking. "Tonight I need it!", I heard her. Some
of the guys took her, layed her down on a table. Soon she was with-
out the jeans and one guy ripped away the black knickers. I was not
sure if this was rape or not, but I heared her "Yes, I give me your
cocks!". One guy fucked her pussy, another got a blow-job. Then, if
one came he went aside to let the next one take his place. All guys
in the bar had to fuck her, and so was I, I supposed. In one moment
it was my turn, I opened my zipper, took my penis, began to stroke,
my cock get hard ... BUUUZZZZZZZZZZZZ. I awoke -- again this wasn't
reality? As I went to work I saw her on the street. It seemed, that
she was exhausted. Was there another wild night in the "Red 5" bar?

General Surgeon warnings may or may not apply though people will do
what they want anyways. I see her regularely in this bar in RL, but
I still haven't had her and perhaps never will have. Yes, and never
I saw her leave with guys, neither with a woman, as I can remember!

Pursuant to the Berne Convention, this work is copyright with all rights
reserved by its author unless explicitly indicated.
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