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Disclaimer: Fuck the motherfucking disclaimer. If that little
pansy Ashcroft wants a piece of my ass he'll just have to stand
in line and wait his turn. If that statue draping, civil-rights
destroying, paranoid is offended by depictions of a sexual nature
- well, uhhhhhhhhh, too bad. You take that band of...of...of -
damn, that bit about standing in line and waiting his turn. That
doesn't put me in a very good light.

I dunno maybe I'd better Reclaim the Disclaim so I don't have to
Explain the above Refrain regarding sexual matters the Pertain to
those offended by the Same.
It's just that I do Maintain to those that would assess me Blame
and write me up in wordy Flames about how my writing causes Pain
that I think they might be Insane.
But on the whole I thinks that's Lame, these stories are just
little Games.
To those of you who feel the Same the story here is old Terrain.
A giggle, a smirk, a moan's my Aim - it's not like I've a shot at
A time will come when I will Wane, and live life on some other
And if my tales have been your Bane, just flush this shit right
down the Drain.

Oh - I almost forgot. The attached story is too big for the
BSFSF, it's even too  big for postcard Flash. It's just TOO
FUCKING BIG (heh, heh - that's what she said.)
Have a Great Thanksgiving guys!

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Essence of Stroke

By juanwildone

It was the hottest thing I'd ever seen. Evelynne, the buxom blond
from accounting, was sitting on the edge of my desk with her
dress hitched up around her waist. The horny twist had her
panties looped down around her ankles, and her blouse completely
unbuttoned. Her left hand was squeezing her breast as if her
nipple might pop out like the well-done indicator on a holiday
turkey. The fingers of her right hand plunged repeatedly into her
sopping cunt. 

"Oh you better be ready for this you little slut."

I approached her with my hugely erect 11 - inch cock in both
hands. I stroked it slowly, pulling the foreskin back and forth
across the apple-like glans. Evelynne looked at my truncheon of
pleasure with a mixture of desperate need and recoiling terror. I
spread her legs wide until her panties ripped apart and fluttered
to the carpet. I aligned my cock with her cunt and pushed.
Evelynne moaned loudly, so I pushed harder, watching the fist
sized head of my cock stretch her swollen cunt lips thin. She let
out a wail as the head slipped inside her.

Deeper and deeper I pushed into the molten heat of her sex until
I reached bottom. I was pushing against her cervix now and this
caused her to writhe about in some kind of strange St. Vitas
dance of lust. We both felt her find the internal alignment at
the same time so I just pushed past her cervix into her womb. I
paused as yet another orgasm ripped through her. 

Then I began to fuck her, slow at first, and then faster and
faster. Soon I was slamming into her so hard that her arms and
legs just failed about. I was fucking the tart like a cheap rag
doll. An unholy wail erupted from deep inside her as a stupendous
orgasm shattered her reality. The rigidity of her body triggered
my own orgasm. I pumped gallons of cum into her.
"I didn't know it could be like this. Even my husband, the only
man I've ever been with, has never...ohmigod, I'm coming again!

I had to laugh. Talk about an easy fucking cumslut. This bitch
was cumming if I even thought about thrusting into her.

l stopped moving inside her, I guess she'd had as much as she
could handle. There were already more than enough women in the
office addicted to my cock. I really didn't need another one. I
began to slowly pull out of her. My bulbous cockhead released
with a pop and I watched an impressive flow of cum pour out of
her. My fuckstuff was everywhere. It would take the janitorial

"Damnit Bradley, you better wash that off this time. I don't
appreciate cleaning up your slime after you've had your jollies
in there." Darkness filled the bathroom as the looming bulk of my
wife blocked the light. Slowly the light returned to normal.

I looked at two dribbles of ejaculate sliding down the shower
door. I directed a stream of hot water onto it until the glass
was clean.  As I toweled dry I wondered if my wife had her own
erotic fantasies. 

If the sad dullness of my sex life was any indication - probably

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