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Saying It
     She'd come once from my fingers, twice from my mouth, and now she
was on top of me and teasing my erection with her inflamed little pink
parts, periodically bringing my cockhead right up to the threshold, but
never letting me cross.  Sliding herself up and down, her weight
keeping me pinned.  She was in control, and she loved it.
     One by one, she arched her back and fed me her breasts.  I had
handfuls of her buttocks, mouthfuls of voluptuous tits and hardened
nipples, suckling and licking and nipping just on the pleasure side of
painful.  She giggled at my pretense of struggles, edging my cock
closer and closer, smearing it with her ever present juices.
     "Tell me when," she told me, "Tell me when you want to come."  Her
hips slowed, notching my shaft and aiming it for the plunge.  "Tell me
what you want."
     "I want you."
     "No, no," she teased me, lowering herself a fraction of an inch,
allowing me to feel the heat from within, pressing my tip against the
thin ring of muscle.  "Tell me what you *want*."
     "I want your pussy," I said.  She raised her eyebrows, seeking
more.   "I want your cunt.  I want to come.  Inside you."   She thrust
down on me, engulfing my flesh with her creamy clutch.  I gasped in
     "You said the magic word," she whispered, "And look what you've

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