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Don't Mind Me

     Our poker game had been evenly matched, and we were both equally
naked.  Then a pair of Jacks, Ace high, beat her pair of fives.  "Show
me how you masturbate," I told her.  She rolled onto her tummy,
straddled a white pillow between her legs, and began furtive caresses
with the fingertips of her right hand.  I kneeled behind her to get a
better view.  Slow movements.  The barest hint of pink.  A winking

      When her breathing signaled her impending climax, I wet a thumb
in my mouth and found her vagina.  "Don't mind me," I told her, and her
reply was muffled against the sheets.  Her fingers quickened, my thumb
swirled, and she exhaled a moist, deep-throated groan.  She always
climaxed quietly.

     "Your turn," she told me, and I lay on my back, my thumb and
forefinger of my left hand encircling the root, and the pads of thumb
and forefinger of my right hand gently pressing on opposite sides of my
shaft, just below the head.  A droplet leaked from the tip, then
another.  "Don't mind me," she said, just before her mouth captured my
cockhead.  She remained there, softly swiping the emerging droplets,
delicately sucking, gently squeezing below the head with her pursed
lips.  "Mmmmm," she hummed, just as I stiffened for my climax.

     When she dealt the next hand, I knew I was going to fold.

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