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Rubber Band
   When Bob steps out of the shower, Amy tells him the mail came 
and Bob asks, "Anything good?" and Amy shoots him with the fat 
rubber band that the mailman uses to wrap mail. Smack on Bob's 
butt. Bob picks up the rubber band. "You're gonna pay for this," 
Bob crows, and he chases Amy, catches her, yanks her pants down, 
and starts spanking, not too hard, but not baby spanks, right on 
her pretty bare bottom, swat, swat, swat, until Amy stops mewling 
and calms down, afterwhich Bob stops spanking and starts 
caressing, lightly, gently, carefully along the reddened curve of 
ass, and after a few minutes of that he lowers the droopy slip of 
rubber right along the top of the crease, saying as it dips down, 
"You know what, this is the same color as--" but instead of 
finishing the sentence, he lets the loop end dangle directly onto 
Amy's tight crinkle, then starts to push it in, surprised that 
she lets him, pushing it in more and more, until he tells her, 
"Now I'm gonna pull it out real slow--see if you can hold it--I 
won't let go," and inch after inch it stretches out. Then, snap!  

Rubber Band
by Mat Twassel
2003 Bradley Stoke Flash Stroke Festival
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