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Her Story

He sprawled on the sand. I don't know why, but he looked very appealing,
vulnerable, you might say. His body looked amazing in the dim light, wet
from the sea and hard, but helpless, somehow. I wanted him then. I've never
been kissed like that before. It was perfect, gentle but not weak, firm but
still soft. It made me wet.

And when I touched him he flinched. His body shook. Wild eyes looked at up
me; I could see deep down inside him at that moment. I slipped on top and
arched my back. The night felt good on my skin and then he was in me and I
wanted him there. He filled me completely, to the depths of my soul. There
was great power in it and that power was mine. I stopped thinking. There was
only the two of us and the night and the world flew away. I heard him cry
out but it was from a great distance. It sent me over the edge. I loved him


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