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His Story

Dark. Deep, velvet night with a scattering of stars. The sigh of wavelets on
sand as the sea weeps. She moves towards me. Pale breasts tipped with black
nipples, eyes darker than shadow. My hand reaches out to brush her wanton
hair; teeth gleam whitely when she smiles. And then the delight of her
touch, her skin against my skin. Lips meet, searching, exploring; what
wonder in a single kiss! Fingers trail fire across my chest. I stop

And, oh! The scent of her. Filling the blackness around us. I hide my face
in tumbled hair, nibbling at her ear as she grasps me. A swift, subtle
undulation of the hips and she mounts astride. A sea-nymph now, she rears
above me, holding my very being in confident hands. A slight, liquid
resistance and then the long, slow slide to heaven. She rocks easily. My
body is rigid; we are joined in a tangle of curls. I rise to meet her as she
swoops towards me. Together, we fall to chaos. Sharp cries disturb the
silence. It is over; yet it has just begun.


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