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Wavy Locks
     The hair on her head is shoulder length, dark and wavy.  The hair
between her legs is even softer, an untamed wavy luxury that beckons my
face.  I cannot resist her.  Her growth hides the mystery of her pink
core until my nose parts the thicket, first left, then right, then my
tongue serpentines in her succulent center.
     She tastes of smoky honey, with a scent that penetrates into my
head.  When her lips split open, they remain surrendered and welcoming,
entrusting her oversensitive clitoris to my wandering tongue.  "Be
gentle," she cautions me, and I try my best to comply.  Only the barest
of grazing passes along her twiggy shaft, and delicately bolder
tributes to her emerged inner lips, inside and out.
     In the end what sends her over the edge is flickering pleasures to
her crinkly entrance and below, my tongue swirling circles while my
nose brushes hints against her clitoris and keeps her wavy locks at
bay.  She announces her release with a soprano squeak, a quick inhale
then another squeak, her legs stiffening straight to force my retreat. 
My last glimpse before I move upward to mount her is her dark brown
thatch, now laid flat and spun into silken wet tendrils.

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