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Subject: {ASSM} :*NEW*: "It's Not Right" [BSFSF] (Mf, incest, cons, teen?, preg)
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                       It's Not Right
                       An Erotic Story
     It's not right for a father to make love to his own
daughter.  I know this.  Mom knows this.  Dad knows this.
But we all do it anyway.
     It's not right for a young girl like me to climb in bed
between her own parents, have Mom reach between my legs and
fit her husband's pre-cum dripping and slippery penis into
the tight little hole that's been itching me all day, so Dad
can slide his prick all the way up inside me where it feels
so good.
     No, it's not right for a daughter to fuck her own
father and milk his prick with her tight little hole, until
the man has no choice but to ejaculate thick heavy cum just
teeming with incestuous sperm into her unprotected womb.
     It's not right for a girl to go to sleep with her own
father; his still-swollen prick buried to the hilt in her
body; still leaking incestuous seed in her belly, until
sometime during the night he ejaculates again inside her;
trying to impregnate his own daughter while his wife
encourages the man to make a baby in her baby.
     No, it's not right for Dad to make love to me, cum in
me, and get me pregnant with his babies, while Mom and I
both egg him on.
     But damn, it sure does FEEL good!

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