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     It was a test.  She was testing her Kegels.  I was testing my
self-control.  I was weakening faster than she was.
     I was planted inside her as deeply as I could get, with my knees
dug into the mattress, my pubic bone pressed firmly against hers, and
her little muscles nibbling around the root of my rock solid shaft. 
"Don't move," she whispered, and our eyes locked and we spoke silently
through her periodic clenches and my throbbing replies.
     She had a hand on each of her knees, pulling them toward her chest
to angle her hips for maximum penetration.  My mind swooned at the
thought of her slick, pink walls embracing my flesh, my own leaking
droplets adding to her flowing juices.  Her mouth in an evocative `O'. 
Her glistening blue eyes.
     It was her cervix that did me in.  I felt it flutter against my
tip, watched her eyelids just slightly close, and I knew she was close
and I was closer.  With a groan I withdrew halfway and plunged back
into those juices, squirming my hips and refinding that flutter.  Then
another quick quarter-thrust, and a third even shorter, and after the
fourth I remained rooted, her back arching, her throat releasing a loud
guttural cry.  I pulsed, and she held onto her victory with a final
encircling embrace.

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