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- Ummm, keep doing it, just like that.  I know it's dark in here; I like
it better this way.  You really don't have to see anything anyway, just
touch, feel, suck, tongue.  Oh my God, that's the spot!  Stay right
there with your tongue; please just a little lower with your finger.
That's right, back and forth; can't you just feel it getting nice and
wet!  Ummm, keep strumming over my button; yes, that's the right touch.
You're going to slide in so quickly.  Yes, slip your finger in, feel me
nipping at your knuckle?  Yes, that's just what it will feel like when
you're inside.  Do you like what I'm doing to your cock?  How nice and
warm my hand is?  I can feel it getting ready, nice and big, wet and
smooth.  Ummm, I can't wait; just a couple more sucks at my nipple and
I'll let you in...
- Allison, wake up; you fell asleep nursing Leah!
- Oh my goodness, yes I did!  Do me a big favor LW, please change Leah
and put her back to bed, I think she's had enough right now and I really
want to go back to sleep; I was having such a nice dream.
- No problem.
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