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Subject: {ASSM} [BSFSF] Winning
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Author: Jack C Lipton <>
Title: Winning
Universe: BSFSF
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                      by Jack C Lipton

I liked the looks over various SUVs, so, finally winning a
contest, award paperwork in hand, I was off to pick up a

I was presented with yet more paperwork and placed at an
office desk before my zipper was pulled and a large woman
held the chair in, my member introduced to a warm, wet
mouth.  Thoughts of flight turned into a drive to stay.

I was done for when I heard -- and felt -- my benefactor
humming the Star Spangled Banner, delivering during "the
dawn's early light".  I could get pretty patriotice from

Finished, I met the pretty young coed I'd just won, along
with her student loans.

I signed the last of the papers, accepting her.  She was
way better than the usual SUV.

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