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Subject: {ASSM} [BSFSF] Another Night in the "Red 5"
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(c) 2003 FranzKafka79


Since it is a flash-stroke-story-festival I used the word stroke in
the story. Alle lines of the story have the lenght (67?), even this
note, therefore I apologize mixing up British and American English.
Also the story was not proof-read and written down in eight minuts.

[BSFSF] Another Night in the "Red 5"
Some days later I went again into the "Red 5". this time it was for
my own pleasure -- I wanted to see again the black-haired girl. Not
only see, but also fuck her. Fuck her! I ordered some "Cutty Sark",
looked around, was pleased by another nice girl in a breath-robbing
short mini-skirt, but she was not in the bar, yet. I tried to flirt
with the long-legged blonde, without success. Some whisky later the
black-haired showed up and sat down within a group of young people.
I get nervous and excited -- my cock started to get hard. Later, as
she went to the toilets, she stopped at me, said "wanna fuck?" Yes,
I did! I followed her. All I wanted was to fuck her, fucking her in
the ass, this great ass, wearing this ultra-short mini-skirt. Yeah,
I got my cock out of my jeans, as we were in the cabin, and because
she had no knickers without a further ado I put him into her pussy.
What a fucking fuck-girl this was! I thought I got to paradise! ...
"Sir, do you want another whisky?" I heard a girls-voice. So I came
back to reality, smiled and said: "Time to go home!" And to stroke,
I thought, my cock to orgasm. Take some time-off and then fuck her!

If there is a guy out in the wild who is working for Visteon in the
Czech Republic, he may know the "Red 5". Even he may know Radka, so
the name of the black-haired girl with the piercing blue-eyes. Even
he could have fucked her, I did not, so do not blame her, blame me.

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