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"Scene 7, Take 12"
by Souvie - copyright November 2003

"Fuck me, fuck me!" She writhed on the bed, hands grasping the brass
bedpost, ass wiggling on the rumpled satin sheets.

He gave her what she wanted: he gripped her ankles, bringing her
legs up and pounded his cock into her dripping pussy. The room was
filled with the slap-slap of his balls against her ass, the squish-
squish of her pummeled pussy... his grunts and her "Yeah, baby"'s.

Their rhythm was interrupted by, "Cut!"

The director practically growled. "Take five people."

"What's wrong? Was my performance off?" The actress pouted as she
slid off the bed, into a terry robe.

"You're fine, honey." He glared at the cameraman. "We just ran out
of film thirty minutes ago."

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