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DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction. If you are
offended by sexually explicit material or are under
the age of 18, stop reading now. This material cannot
be reproduced for commercial purposes without the
consent of the author.

Lazlo Zalezac
Copyright (C) Lazlo Zalezac, 2003

She leaned on the fence with her arms crossed before
her. She was bent at the hips and wiggled them as she
watched the old man put the bull into the corral with
the heifer. 

The kid next to her asked, "How did you and Grandpa

She didn't look back as she answered, "I was standing
here like this watching a bull approach a heifer. Just
like that one is doing now. A man came up behind me.
He lifted my sundress up and pulled my panties down.
Next thing I know this hot cock is thrust into my
waiting wet cunt. He fucked me and bellowed in time
with the bull. When he was done, I turned around and
that was the first time I met your grandpa."

The kid started at his grandmother in shock. She
didn't even look at him as she said, "Better run along
now. Your grandpa will be here in a minute."

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