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Subject: {ASSM} [BSFSF] Trust Me by Oldwrench (MF preg)
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Trust Me By Oldwrench

   "No wait, we shouldn't, it's a bad time, we don't have protection."

   "I need you, It'll be OK, trust me, I'll pull out, your so hot, I can't

   "We can't I might get preg...Uh...Oh." He's so hard, so big inside me.

   "Ah...Ah...Ah...Ah." Each deep stroke twisted her nerves tighter, closer
to the release she craved.  His body lifted away from hers.

   No, don't stop yet, just a little more.  Her slender legs pulled him
back deep inside once more, then just once more, he thrust so deep.

   She felt the swelling, the rippling pulse, oh no, no, he's cumm.......

   Her world shattered in electric fire as her eager young womb drank in
the gift of life his hot shaft pumped into her small body.

   As the glow faded she heard him murrmer, " You're so Wonderfull."

   Yes my love, and now so pregnant.  To late to worry now.

   Maybe this time we'll have a girl.

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