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Welcome to the world of where sixteen-year-
old girls have nothing better to do with their time than
chase adults to have sex with. The characters and events
that follow are not real and are the result of my
imagination. My imagination works this way because I am
under the curse of Satan; please pray for the deliverance
of my worthless soul. Don't read further if you fear just
damnation by governmental, parental, or godly authority.
If you are allergic to sex with minors, avoid this.  The only
thing worse than writing pornography (or my spelling)
is stealing intellectual property. Unauthorized
republishing is not allowed and will result in an eternity
spent in the seventh circle of hell, living in crap, and
turning into unlikely and hideous herptiles. It just ain't
worth it.

Thank You and Good Day,
Kenny N Gamera

   A Story for the Bradley Stokes Flash Stroke Festival
                     Kenny N Gamera

             A Thank You to the Moderators

The girl stood in doorway. She shivered because it was a
typical English winter.  And she wore no clothes, just a
smile and a pair of sneakers with ankle socks.  She looked
at the woman answering the door with big green eyes.  She
licked her full red lips.

"Ms. Hecate?"

The shocked woman nodded once.  The girl stepped inside and
closed the door behind her.  The girl dropped to her knees
and hike up the woman's skirt.  She grinned when she saw
the suspender belt and hose and the crotchless panties.
She began to lick at the exposed pussy with long sweeps of
her tongue.  She heard a moan as her fingers passed the
lips of the woman's pussy.  As the woman came to the first
of many orgasms, the girl hoped Mr. Jorge would be as nice.

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reserved by its author unless explicitly indicated.
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