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Subject: {ASSM} [BSFSF] Watch, Wait, and Son (mF, incest, mom/son)
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Watch, Wait, and Son
by DiscipleN
Copyright (c) 2003, by DiscipleN. All rights reserved.

Mother, is that television in your eyes? The need my cock inspires
reflects on the commercials. I touch the blouse you donned this
morning, home shopping's one of a kind deal forgotten.

Son, I'm watching. Leave me be.

No. I unbutton you. I unfasten your bra.

This is serious! I have to write down the recipe.

Did you buy these tits too? I don't think so. They feel pretty loose.
Did the milk that fed my infancy feel blue radiation at night? What
about your cunt? Dad's porno's must have bathed your blonde hair blue
while he bathed his hand. You denied his tiny dick. Look at mine.

Get that away! It's blocking my view.

Scoot forward, and hoist up that skirt. I'll put it away.

This isn't right. Stop it! How can I aim the remote when you're
jostling me?

Stick it in your mouth, and suck on the surfing button. Now put your
head on my shoulder.

Wait for it.


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