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Sweating, I brace myself against the daggerboard with a bare hip,
taking another reef in my sail. The line winds round my wrist, cutting
into wet flesh - I am a witch bound for the question. I set my mind
against the pain and haul with a will; I'm about to luff, and don't
fancy the work involved in turning to the wind again.
Pressing both feet against the cockpit I lean back, putting every
ounce of strength into making the sheet taut. It's then, with my body
arced like a bow, every sinew set in shimmering relief, that I become
aware of the other boat, and the glass trained upon me.
I briefly rue my nudity, but I like sailing raw once safely out to
sea. Fuck him, I decide of my voyeur. Or her. I tighten my grip on the
line, pass it round my hips, snake it between my legs before taking a
tight turn round a thigh. Shifting my weight subtly, I hike my fragile
vessel over at a steep incline. I glisten like a whitecap in the high
sun as I begin to climax in long, slow swells, the rope a cruel but
steadfast lover bisecting me. Oh, but my body is yar.

All rights reserved (C) MEB 2003

Yar - Graceful, responsive to the helm; eminently seaworthy
We all have our own ocean to sail, and our own ways of negotiating
that sea.

Pursuant to the Berne Convention, this work is copyright with all rights
reserved by its author unless explicitly indicated.
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