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Subject: {ASSM} [BSFSF] Call Me - by Teddy Bingham
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First Attempt at this, so be kind...   Also, are you really anal about the
18 lines, 70 characters per line etc, cos I wasn't sure how to tell really,
so I did some maths and figured 70 times 18 equals 1260 characters and kept
below that.   Hope I don't jarr yer sensibilities and I'll just bet I'm two
words over or somert...  ;)

Teddy Bingham


Oh my god.  I'm still tingling. I'm still light headed. It's been an hour
since you called, and I'm very aroused.

Listening to you say those things - I swear I could feel your words. Real.
Physical. Radiating from the phone, pooling at my clit.  I was surfing it,
feeling my body from within, instead of stimulating it from without.  And
your voice. So sensual and erotic.  At once calming and exciting. I was
totally lost. Yours. Such immense power to be able to say the most erotic
things - make me feel this way - scares me. Arouses me infinitely. My hands
were in my hair and in my sex.  My mind racing through images born of your
words - your hands, your eyes, your cock. And even an image of your voice.
Warm words, washing over me like a liquid film of sensations, settling
softly on every inch of my flushed skin. A breeze - invisible yet tangible
as it rushes over me again and again. Your voice was in the room with me.
That was totally real.  Your voice being a presence, having substance.
Travelling down the line into my very soul. Holding me, stroking me,
watching me, taking me... I'm still shaking, but I had to try to put some of
this feeling into words.  Call me again?  Soon?

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