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Subject: {ASSM} [BSFSF] Aboard the Bawdy Bradley by PleaseCain
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Copyright 2003

by PleaseCain

The drum thumped steady cadence within the Roman galley, Bradley
Stoke. "Backs into it, dogs!" barked the foreman. "Step lively, then!"

"Why y'in?" said the cutthroat, his ribs showing at the oar.

"For plumbing Caesar's garden," said the new one, glistening sweat.

"Work, you!" growled the bare-chested foreman. "Pull, ye maidens!"
"You a learned man?" The murderer had never met one. "Eh, what et ye?"

The other leered. "I'm his son's tutor. It was a tender cuke, curved 	
and so smooth on my lips, fresh yet tasteless--" "Yes?" "A tomato
bursting on my tongue--" "Go on!" "And hairless legs and chest--"	

"Aw!" All oars clattered to the deck. The learned are decadent indeed.
"Stroke!" The whip crackled over their heads. "Stroke for your lives!"

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