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Subject: {ASSM} [BSFSF] Safety (written under duress)
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Author: Jack C Lipton <>
Title: Safety
Universe: BSFSF
Keywords: I ain't telling
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RCS: $Id: safety.x,v 1.1 2003/11/20 02:02:05 jcl Exp $

                      by Jack C Lipton

I prepare for entry, ropes coiled close at hand.  She takes
my guidance to pass some obstacles as we move to where she

Her right foot is snagged first, the rope secured just
right, she pivots into her place, comfortable here despite
the vibe.

My pole now erected, I prod her into place, she lays here oh
so willing as I finish off this chase.

More ropes wrap now around her limbs, telling her that she
is at home, a restful time a-coming, excitement not a sin.

My ins and outs of loading continues without fail, my
arrival joins a song with hers, here, now, and we both
find rest.

                          * fini *
Jack C Lipton  |   |
  "If you're not confused you obviously don't understand human sexuality."
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