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Two times in two hours, she and I.  The first round was lusty.  My
mouth, busy on her plump body, finishing her off with an energetic
lapping at her inflamed, fragrant vulva.  Her clit, perched high and
hard and greedy, accepted everything my tongue and my lips could
propose, and she climaxed with her usual magnificent intensity, with
her deep-throated groans of clenching, red-faced pleasure.  Then I
mounted her and fucked her, gushing my seed inside her slick velvet
while I sunk myself in her dark brown eyes.

The second time was slower paced and sensual.  Fingertips wandering
across skin, mouths teasing turgid flesh, intertwined bodies in ever
changing configurations.  Sighs and murmurs, gasps and giggles and
offerings of various body parts to be graced by the other.  Our lazy
coupling gradually became more urgent, and a well-timed thumb
synchronized her pulses with mine.

Later, her mouth played with my soft soldier, and she was surprised to
feel him rise anew.  "How do you want to come?" she asked, "In my
mouth?  Or in my ... cunt?"  That word, so shyly uttered, evoked sensual
images that hardened me yet more.  It would have be another time for
her mouth.  My hands guided her onto her back, and she held my
attention again in her creamy grasp as I tried once last time to fill
her to overflowing.

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