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Subject: {ASSM} [BSFSF] A Night in the "Red 5"
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[BSFSF] A Night in the "Red 5"

(c) 2003 FranzKafka79


Since it is a flash-stroke-story-festival I used the word stroke in
the story. Alle lines of the story have the lenght (67?), even this
note, therefore I apologize mixing up British and American English.
Also the story was not proof-read and written down in eight minuts.

A Night in the "Red 5"

One summer night I was out with a friend, drinking whisky. At 03.15
we ended up in a bar named "Red 5", where I remarked a girl wearing
a super-short black and white mini skirt, a black sweater and black
high heels. Her legs were long and slim, her face was only average,
but her tits wee rather small. Though I tried to flirt with her, no
reaction came until I went to the toilet. I was surprised since she
followed me. I knew that here in Eastern Europe girls more actively
hook up men than in the West. but her "Do you wanna blow-job" was a
surprise for me. She got down on her knees, opened my zipper and in
an instant she started licking my cock up and down. My cock got wet
from saliva and hard as stone. She opened her mouth. To stroke cock
and sliding in and out was all what she needed to do for getting me
to ecstacy. After having all the drinks I could not prevent my cock
from cumming (and I did not intended). My sperm shot out, a half in
her mouth, an other half in her face and even another half my prick
shot into her dark shoulder length hair. As my mind came back I got
out of the cabin, joining my friend. Nowhere I saw the blowjobgirl.

If there out in the wild is an American basket-ball player, playing
in the Czech national league recognizing the name of the bar -- you
are right. The story is kind of true. The girl even exists in real.

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