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When we walked in the door of her apartment, Veronica tossed her coat
on a chair, turned the lights down low, and started soft music with a
deep, insistent bass of jungle drums and heartbeats.  She began to
writhe like a snake while standing, doing a slow belly dance of
sinuous torso and gyrating hips, moving close and sliding her groin
over mine, again and again.

In minutes, she was breathing hard and her face was shining.  "Now!"
she whispered, taking my hand and leading me to the bedroom.  Our
clothes were off in seconds, and I slid into her dripping pussy in a
single smooth stroke.  I hammered into her in rhythm with the jungle
drums and heartbeats, my balls slipping and slapping against her wet

Feeling our climaxes near, I withdrew for a final plunge, so far that
I came out of her, but drove back in hard and deep, tucked up tight,
and came a geyser.  She let out a screech that nearly cracked the
mirrors on the ceiling.  Pleased with myself, I looked down at her and
smiled.  "You bastard!" she screamed, beating my chest with her fists.
"You rat bastard!  I was saving my asshole for my husband!"


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