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by Lord Malinov

She came out of the bathroom, her jeans and shirt lost since she'd
left us, wearing a soft cotton thong and a dancer's bra.  "My peaches
don't match," she said with a pout. "Shame on you," I said with a kiss
and a hand on each cheek of her full bare bottom.  "We'll have to take
one of these off before the clash offends us."  Cats lifted the
spandex top over her head, exposing her excited little creampuffs.  I
pulled her panties down as she spread out across the big bed. My
tongue spread her butterfly lips, dipping into the boiling vat of her
lusty juices as Cats squirmed and giggled, Jim nibbling on her tight
nipples.  I looked up to watch as he lowered a long cock into her open
mouth.  "Suck it, Cats," I murmured, french kissing her cunt, "suck
it, pretty cocksucker, suck him while you come."  After half-a-dozen
permutations, I lifted her slight body as she rose up off the floor,
sitting her ass full down on my cock.  Jim filled her gaping pussy
with his fierce erection and we lifted her off the ground, thrusting
in rhythm from below.  Cats began to howl and squirm in the insistent
drive into her, fore and aft, feet off the ground, surrounded by arms
and the tight squeeze of hands. The phone rang.  "It's her," Jim said,
scurrying for his clothes.  "Get dressed.  After a drink to get her
started, we'll take them off again."
by Lord Malinov

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