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                          The Food of Love
At first she felt terribly guilty, afraid Carl would find out, but
soon she slipped in and out of bed with Bob as easily as his cock
slipped in and out of her.  He was how she made her marriage survive.
Did Carl suspect?  Maybe. But whenever she arrived home mussed and
flushed, he said nothing.  When once she asked him to kiss her crotch
and his face emerged slick and sticky, he still said nothing.  When she
asked him to leave the house so she could talk privately with Bob, he
did, and when he came back and she told him to lick her pussy, he
did.  It got embarrassing!  Finally she cracked, and shouted, "What's
the matter with you!  Don't you know I'm fucking Bob?"  Carl said, "Of
course."  "Well?" she asked, "Why aren't...?"  "Because I love you,"
Carl replied.  She turned livid.  "Love?  You even suck up his cum!"
she screamed.  "How  can I respect...?"  "Because you want it," Carl
said.  "And I want you to be happy!"  She had no answer for that one.
Feeling guilty again, she broke off with Bob, and to make it up to Carl
took a course in gourmet cooking. She often came home with a chef's
sauces dripping out of her, but she knew now that Carl wouldn't mind.

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