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Welcome to the world of where sixteen-year-
old girls have nothing better to do with their time than
chase adults to have sex with. The characters and events
that follow are not real and are the result of my
imagination. My imagination works this way because I am
under the curse of Satan; please pray for the deliverance
of my worthless soul. Don't read further if you fear just
damnation by governmental, parental, or godly authority.
If you are allergic to sex with minors, avoid this.  The only
thing worse than writing pornography (or my spelling)
is stealing intellectual property. Unauthorized
republishing is not allowed and will result in an eternity
spent in the seventh circle of hell, living in crap, and
turning into unlikely and hideous herptiles. It just ain't
worth it.

Thank You and Good Day,
Kenny N Gamera

                        Work Cocktail Party

I'm standing in the kitchen with a glass of whiskey in my hand
and my pants around my ankles.  Naturally, I've got a nice
little buzz going on.  The sweet thing on her knees in front of
me does, too or she wouldn't be blowing me.

I set my drink to the side and gather up her fistfuls of her red
hair.  I take control of the sex, which makes her gag.  Instead
of trying to push me away, she moves her hands to my ass to give
herself a little extra balance as my dick slides in and out of
her mouth.  With each thrust of my dick into her mouth, she
makes a gagging sound. Air escapes through her nose as I

The door opens just as my cum starts to fill her mouth.  It is
Doug from production; he is wobbly.  He walks over to her and
kisses the top of her head.  He looks at me and slurs as he
says, "I see you've met my girlfriend, Pat."

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reserved by its author unless explicitly indicated.
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