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hi everyone!

here is our entry. :)

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perils (MF bond) by celia batau

Once upon a time, there were flames and guillotines, and evil devices
of every design. The heroine knows them all. She knows the evil
schemes and master plans. But most of all, she knows about the man
who whispers into her ear. He is the man in black, the one with a long
mustache, and the one who never removes his dark hat, even for a lady.

The heroine struggles, but she cannot escape. The silks have been re-
placed with leather, the rope with steel. Nevertheless, she plays her
part. She screams for the hero who will never come. She cries for
release, but her villain laughs as he watches her glistening skin
twist and squirm beneath him. This is the fulfillment of his one track
mind. She is parted and stretched. she will not escape. For at this
moment, as always, she is in his power.

The train is coming. And while she waits for the inevitable crash, the
villain turns the page.

celia batau's story site:

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