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Subject: {ASSM} [BSFSF] Something or Nothing? by Naive
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Something or Nothing?

Sweat splattered, shattered crystal dreams, across the hard wood floor.
Our bodies, slowly, deliberately, applauding our carnal designs. The sun,
a peeping-tom, peering through the uncurtained bay window, painting us,
intertwining shadows across the far wall. The musk of ravaging beasts
suffusing the air with our abandon. Crushing, hot pulsing desire, driving
deep, the thrust of insatiable lust. Passion, curling tongues embracing,
playing -- children lost in a guilty moment. Fingers digging into my
spine. Tangled, twisted ebony locks wrapped around my digits. Wracking
pleasure floods us. Thundering. Twisting. Writhing. Pain. Pleasure.
Guilt and Satisfaction. Collapsing, spent. We lie there. Alone.
Separate. Distanced by much more than the inches of space between. Among
are dreams we lie alone.


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