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Subject: {ASSM} [BSFSF] Close-Up Cum on Cunt Pix Contest by Mat Twassel
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            Close-Up Cum on Cunt Pix Contest
    "Yeah, but who'll we get to take the picture?"
    "Your little sister? No way. What if she blabs?"
    "She won't. Not if she knows what's good for her."
    "You're sure no one will know who ..."
    "Closer with the camera, Tina. I think I'm about to ..."
    "Hold his cock right under my clit, so the goo ..."
    "Oh, God, he's doing it. He's coming."
    "Oh, God, oh, fuck, oh, oh, oh--"
    "Fuck. There's cum on the lens."
    "Yeah. At least we got the tape recorder."
    "So? What good is that?"

Close-Up Cum on Cunt Pix Contest
by Mat Twassel
2003 Bradley Stoke Flash Stroke Festival


1. What is BSFSF?
2. Who or What is Bradley Stoke?
3. What is flash? What is stroke? What is flash stroke? 
4. Is the festival open to anyone?
5. What happens if my story has more than 18 lines?
6. Are there judges and prizes?

1. What is BSFSF?

BSFSF stands for Bradley Stoke Flash Stroke Festival. The 2003 version of the
festival, which is the first, runs from the end of the ASSTR/ASSM Anniversary
through November 27th, 2003 on the newsgroup ASSM (
and ASS (  BSFSF stories are supposed to fit on a single
computer screen. For the purposes of the festival, this means no more than 18
lines (including title line and any blank lines), with each line containing no
more than 70 characters of text, including spaces. BSFSF stories are text only.

2. Who or What is Bradley Stoke?

Bradley Stoke said, "Perhaps more interesting than a stroke story festival
would be one which combined the current vogue for flash fiction with stroke."
Hence this festival.

3. What is flash? What is stroke? What is flash stroke? 

Flash is very short short story. It may be poetic, but it is fiction, not
poetry, not song, not mattress tags or shopping lists or recipes for eggplant
parmesan.  Stroke is fiction that is intended to sexually arouse the reader. 
Successful stroke fiction inspires masturbation and provokes orgasm. So flash
stroke is a very short short story designed to sexually arouse its readers.
Those are my opinions, anyway.

Okay, how is it accomplished?

Good question. That's one of the things I hope to find out with this festival.
I know traditional stroke frequently relies on attractive characters in
exciting situations with lots of drawn-out tease and ever-increasing sexual
tensions. Not much room in flash for long seductive skeins of tease and
judiciously gradual increases of juicy tensions--that's not to say foreplay is
out the window, but I suspect the flash stroke story might need to rely on
powerfully exciting images, ones which continue to resonate in the reader's
consciousness, ones which cause the reader to dwell and delve and dig between
the lines.  Either that or something in the story must hit the reader's hot
buttons so expertly that instant climax is inevitable.  Instant climax
inevitable? You see what the writer's up against?

4. Is the festival open to anyone?

Yes. Post your story or stories (no limit) to ASSM with the subject line prefix
[BSFSF]. Come one, come all, the more the merrier!

5. What happens if my story has more than 18 lines?

BSFSF Officer Koccick will swat your butt with a hard rubber billy club. Hey!
You don't need my permission to break the rules. If your story requires one or
two more words to be the best you can make it, I wouldn't want to miss it.

6. Are there judges and prizes?

Yup. The readers are the judges. The stories are their prizes. The readers are
the writers' prizes. Take care of each other, that's part of what this festival
is all about.  If you like a story, tell the writer. This being a flash stroke
festival, a lot of words aren't necessary; in fact, simple symbols might
suffice. I suggest using !, *, o, or @ to show your pleasure.

--Mat Twassel

Desdmona's Erotica Fiction workshop at

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