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Subject: {ASSM} [BSFSF] Doll (Bradley Stoke) (MF)
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Title: {ASSM} {BSFSF} Doll (Bradley Stoke) (MF)
Author: Bradley Stoke
Keywords: MF 
Short Summary: An entry to the Bradley Stoke Flash Stroke Festival.


"Take this, Doll!" he cried thrusting into her cunt. 
Its tight, hairy lips gripped his prick as his buttocks 
Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!
He locked his mouth to hers. It suctioned his tongue, 
while the object of his affection juddered under his 
manhood. Her limbs waved frantically about while his 
sweat trickled onto her full bosom.
And then Lucy, Lovely Lucy, resisted him even less 
than before. She was deflating under his passion.
Shit! Shit! Shit!
A breath of air brushed his ear.
The stopper had popped out.
Lovely Lucy had become nothing more than a sheet of 


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