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DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction. If you are
offended by sexually explicit material or are under
the age of 18, stop reading now. This material cannot
be reproduced for commercial purposes without the
consent of the author.

Lazlo Zalezac
Copyright (C) Lazlo Zalezac, 2003

I stared up at the head of my cock. It rose thirty six
inches high above my orange sized balls. It was a
glorius eight inches in circumfrance when erect. It
was seldom erect as it required too much blood and I
tended to pass out. I ran my hands up along its
length, from balls to the tip of the head. It sent
shivers down my spine. I started stroking it, paying
attention to all those spots that felt best. 

My orgasm washed over me. Nothing came out the end of
my cock. Nature had not equiped the male body for a
thirty six inch cock. I knew when my erection
subsided, the come would seep out the end, helped on
its journey by gravity. If I dressed now, I'd have
come all over my sock.

I woke from my dream and looked down at the little guy
nestled above normal sized balls. I got out of bed
smiling this morning. I was satisfied with the size of
my equipment for the first time in ages. It might be
small, but at least it worked properly.

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