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Tight by Hecate

I came out of the cinema and walked towards the station. I kept 
thinking of the scenes with the two women. They were so hot! I could 
feel that my nipples were still hard and rubbing against my shirt. I 
wished I hadn't worn these trousers. They were so tight. I could 
almost hear my cunt squelching ast he seam was pushed my panties 
between my lips as I walked. I ached with lust. I tried to walk 
slowly, to relieve the sensations. I hoped the wetness seeping from 
me wouldn't be visible. It got so I could hardly walk. I hoped I 
could make it to the station so I could sit for a few minutes. But I 
had to make sure I was there in time for my train. When I looked at 
my watch I realised I was late. It was the last train as well. I 
walked faster. The material rubbed my cunt harder. I felt my 
esctiment rising.  I looked at my watch. I hurried into the station 
and saw a bench. Too late. I sensed the orgasm rising adn explode 
through me. I tried to keep quiet, but I knew I was flushed and hot. 
I sat on the bench and looked up. A woman was staring at me, smiling.
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