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Subject: {ASSM} [BSFSF] Officer Sherry vs the Shoplifting Porn Writer {Gamera}
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          Officer Sherry vs the Shoplifting Porn Writer

He sat in the chair waiting as the translator finished helping
the not at all illegal security guard finish the report.  Two
cans of dog food sat on the desk.  Oh, well, he thought.  He
wasn't really looking forward to chili tonight.

The office door open.  A Viking princess dressed in blue
polyester stepped in.  She spoke with the guard in what was not
an eastern European language.  She looked at him.  She smiled at
him the way an ice cube would smile if it had lips to smile

"Well, mr cmsix," she said, as she took hold of his shoulder.
"Today, you get to learn that Ms. Sinatra was correct."

He looked puzzled.

"These boots were made for walking."

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