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Subject: {ASSM} [BSFSF] Friendship, by Frank Downey
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This one's a wee bit longer than the guidlines, but only a couple lines <G>

by Frank Downey

I looked at Renee in absolute shock. "It's time," she said, as she 
worked away at my belt buckle. We'd been best friends since we were 
seven. We were now 20, home for the summer from college. She'd never 
hinted she wanted anything more.

Now, apparently, she did--even there, on the couch in my parents' 
basement. She worked my dick out of my pants, smiling at me. She reached 
under her skirt and yanked her panties off. The next thing I knew, she 
was straddling me, pulling me deep inside her.

Her warm, wet pussy sucked me in. It felt like I was going home. She 
slowly raised herself off of me, then lowered, building up a steady 
rhythm. I reached up and undid the buttons on her blouse, then unlatched 
the front clasp on her bra. I lowered my face to her gorgeous breasts, 
taking a nipple into my mouth and sucking on it as she bounced her pussy 
up and down my dick. She groaned, and put her arms around my head, 
pulling me deeper into her breasts.

Her skirt billowed around the junction of our bodies. She moaned as she 
increased her rhythm. The basement was filled with our soft moaning, 
with the gentle squishes of her pussy slamming down on my dick, with the 
rhythmic thwap of our bodies coming together. She crushed my head into 
her boobs and I held tightly to her hips as we came almost together.

"Now, what was that all about?" I asked as we snuggled afterwards.

"Rick, I love you. I've always loved you. I'm sick of being scared about 
`ruining the friendship' and all that bullshit. We belong together. 
That's what it was all about." She grinned and reached for my dick. 
"Now, let me revive him and we can go for round two."

"Well, OK, but Sandra's upstairs waiting for me, so do you mind if I go 
break up with her first?"


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