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(Same thing, a 15 minute maximum as well, just for fun.)


I shiver in the cool night air.  My instructions were clear, I've followed 
them exactly.  I arrived on time, removed my clothing and made my way into the 
clearing.  She has moments of kindness.  The blanket on the ground ensures that 
I kneel in comfort.  Of course, it also held the blindfold that now covered 
my eyes.  I'm not sure how long it was before I felt the hands on my body.

My arms were bound, my legs spread apart.  The vibrator slipped between my 
legs and then was bound there.  I could here soft voices around me.  I knew we 
were not alone.  The vibe pulsed between my legs, many hands touched me. Many 
body parts touched me. My orders were clear, not a sound could I make.

It could have been minutes.  It could have been hours.  I lost track of the 
climaxes, mine and theirs.  I do this because I want to, because I need to, but 
mainly because I trust.

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