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  "Is this yours?"
An attractive voice, interesting hands. He extends one, holding
something in it, offering it to me diffidently, as if it were a pyx
containing the Eucharist. No wonder. Someone's diaphragm. I feel heat
rising to my cheeks.
  "It couldn't possibly be," I say, as coldly as I can. I can't take
my eyes off his hands. They look so capable. Of what? I can't help
  Later, dinner waits while Mommy takes care of some other, more
pressing business in the bath. Of course I let him keep my diaphragm,
in its pearlescent lilac case. After all, only a prostitute wanders
about Rodeo Drive at two on a Wednesday afternoon with a diaphragm in
her bag. Only a very careless one drops it. And only a very careless
and inexpensive one would acknowledge ownership. This last thought
coincides with my coming, very hard.
  I simply must start getting out more often.

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