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Pictures of Alley Baggett
by cmsix

Yeah! I talked the guy into paying for Picture Agent in return for fixing
his computer. I don't have and can't get a credit card and Money Orders just
don't do it for impulse buys.

It still took thirty hours to get everything done and get it downloaded and
installed and what will it get me?

Alley Baggett, from the binary newsgroups. Thousands of 'em.

Now all I have to do is go through deleting all the downloads of women
licking horse dicks, yech. Then set Compupic's Slide Show Maker to the right
directory. Click OK. Here we go.

Down in the right hand drawer of my desk there's a jar of Vaseline. Behind
me in the pile of dirty clothes there's a towel, a little stiff in a few
places but a good was rag still.

This won't take long.


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