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Subject: {ASSM} [BSFSF] Cat Got Your Tongue? by Mat Twassel
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Cat Got Your Tongue?
   Laura, still in her robe, fed the cat while I boiled water for 
tea. The steam quieted instantly when I removed the kettle from 
the flame, but the noise of the cat lapping water continued--
sweet tendrils of delicately sticky sound.  I listened. "You know 
what that sounds like?" I asked Laura. "No, what?" she said, 
serious. I hoisted her on the counter to show her, resting her 
lovely legs over my shoulders and pressing my palm firmly on her 
fluffy pussy fur so my thumb and forefinger could pry her outer 
lips apart. I admired her for a time. Like a little flower, the 
plump pink petals of her inner lips began to open. My tongue 
strove between, licking up, lapping. It didn't take long for 
Laura's love milk to come. Laura's thighs trembled, her belly 
tightened, she mewled and moaned, softly, sharply, and tumbled 
into orgasm.  "Did you hear it?" I asked her later, my fingers 
playing lightly upon her cunt skin. "That little sound, the liquid 
snap of sex?" "Oh, yes," Laura said, eyes twinkling naughtily, 
"your tongue is almost as good as Kitty's."

Cat Got Your Tongue?
by Mat Twassel
2003 Bradley Stoke Flash Stroke Festival


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