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Miss Selmont 
by Katie McN

   I wonder if she likes me? She's the most beautiful woman at Monroe
High School. Miss Selmont is my History teacher.
   Tiny kisses. Her teeth pull my lips. Her fingers trail up and down
the back of my neck. Oh, Miss Selmont. A hand on my knee. She pushes
my skirt up and touches my thigh. Her tongue sneaks into my mouth. I
kiss back, hot, heavy, wonderful.
   Now we're at her home. Her bedroom, together. I'm naked. She knows
how to touch me there and there and there. Better than I touch
myself, much better. Ah, Miss Selmont. 	
   I explore my teacher's body. She feels wonderful, hot, soft,
cuddly, wet. Her lingerie is on the floor and no longer needed. She
kisses my breasts, she almost hurts, but it feels so good. I'm wet
and smell myself. Does she know? Of course, she's Miss Selmont. What
do women do? I'll find out soon.
   A voice interrupts my dream, "Virginia Martin, you're not paying
attention. I warned you and now you'll have to report to me for
detention." Miss Selmont.

This story was written for Mat Twassel's BSFSF Story Festival (don't
ask) where a story has to be exactly 18 lines long and formatted to
70 characters per line. The story also has to be stroke.

Mat and I were talking about girl fantasies and I mentioned that
girl's sometimes have day-dreams about their fantasies. He wanted to
see an example and I decided to show him one as my contribution to
his festival.

Let me know what you think about my story:

Check out my website for more stories and information about me:

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