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I caught her from behind just as she passed the door of our
bedroom. She struggled, she screamed - she even tried to scratch
me, the little bitch. I pinned her down right on the corner of
our bed. She wasn't about to give up and I had a hell'uva time
getting my pants down without letting her get away.
Once that was accomplished - the physical act of fucking her was
actually quite easy. Not that her struggles decreased in anyway -
quite the opposite. God I love when they resist. I think that's
why my orgasm was so intense. Afterwards, in the shower I jacked
off deliriously as I relived that fuck.
That evening after dinner I was helping my wife clean up. She
turned to me with a look of real concern. "What's the matter
hon?" Her arms encircled me. "It's the cat, she's been walking
kinda funny lately." 
"Really?" I turned my wife around and reached down into her
sweats. "She seemed fine this morning. I'll keep an eye on her."
My wife squirmed onto my fingers. "Bet I can catch you before you
can reach the bed." She took off like a shot. God, I love a good
chase. I caught her just inside the door to our bedroom
It was deja vu all over again.

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