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                      In the Interests of Science
    Annie and Marla were lying on Annie's little bed kissing and 
hugging and taking a break from studying. The mild meadowy flavor 
of cunt was almost gone from Annie's mouth and tongue--Marla had 
kissed and sucked it away, but maybe it would be back soon; Annie 
was beginning to mewl again, little moans in the back of her 
throat, her hands were pulling at Marla's bottom, and her tongue 
was beginning to thrust. Abruptly Marla stopped the kiss. 
   "What do you think about when you suck Jim's cock?" Marla asked.
   "Huh?" Annie replied, her fingertip feathering Marla's asshole.
   "Do you think how fat and full and manly it feels in your mouth? 
About how the juice will feel squirting into your throat?"
   "I don't," Annie answered, abashed. "I've never ..."
   "No? Me, neither. Maybe we should find out. Maybe if we did it 
together, if we shared, it wouldn't be too bad." Before Annie 
could stop her, Marla was out of the bed and out the bedroom door. 
"Jim. Oh, Jimmy," Annie heard Marla sing. "Where are you, Jimmy boy?
Annie and I have something for you."

In the Interests of Science
by Mat Twassel
2003 Bradley Stoke Flash Stroke Festival

Desdmona's Erotica Fiction workshop at

Pursuant to the Berne Convention, this work is copyright with all rights
reserved by its author unless explicitly indicated.
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