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                          Extra Ohs
"Oh, oh, oh Care, you're making me come!" I was in the church 
basement looking for a bathroom. I'd make a wrong turn. There was 
Boyd, fucking his beautiful bride-to-be from behind under a mound 
of gauzy white gown.  "Mr. Menke," Boyd said, surprised. "Carolyn, 
this is Mr. Menke, my old neighbor. I must've mowed his lawn a 
million times." Carolyn's innocent blue eyes looked into mine. 
"Would you like a turn?" she asked. It'd been ten years since 
Meg. "Go ahead, Mr. Menke," Boyd said. I couldn't resist. 
Carolyn's buttery cunt, tight and hot and squeaky with juice, 
milked my cock for all I was worth. While we fucked, Boyd's 
thumb traced snug circles around the adorable oh of Carolyn's 
asshole.  "Go ahead, come in her, Mr. Menke. She'll come if you 
do."  I did. She did. Spasm after spasm of incredible ecstasy. 
    At the service a few minutes later I could see Carolyn's face 
as she made her vows. Sweetly flushed. Beautiful beyond belief. I 
reached into my breast pocket, took out the check, and tore it 
up. I wrote another, adding two, then three extra ohs. 

Extra Ohs 
by Mat Twassel
2003 Bradley Stoke Flash Stroke Festival
Desdmona's Erotica Fiction workshop at

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