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<1st attachment, "BS Time to decide.doc" begin>

"Oh, babe, keep doing that - oh yeah." Tanya smiled around her
boyfriend's pulsing cock as she bobbed up and down. While not the
first time she'd ever sucked Brian's cock, this was going to be
the first time she would let him cum in her mouth.Tanya was
determined to do this right, but she found a conflict rising to
the surface again. Spit or swallow?
Her friend Susan said that no self-respecting girl would swallow
a guy's cum - no matter what. Another friend, Carol, said that if
you really loved the guy and he loved you then you should swallow
and smile, no making a face either. Spit or swallow. Spit or
Tanya knew she loved Brian and she was pretty sure he loved her,
even though he had never used those exact words in that
particular way. His moans were becoming constant. She had to
decide - and very soon. 
"Brian do you..."
"Ahhhhh, ahhhh, ahhhh, ahhhhhhhhhhh. Oh Tanya - you let me cum on
your face. God, I love you for that."

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<2nd attachment, "BS Racoon Eyes.doc" begin>

"What are these for?" Tanya looked suspiciously at the swimming
goggles her boyfriend Brian had given her.
"Well, remember what happened last time. These'll keep it out of
your eyes."
Tanya was skeptical but willing to try anything with Brian - at
least once. Of course that fact that Brian had just eaten her to
a huge orgasm was somewhat persuasive. She pulled the goggles
into place. One splashy facial later, Tanya removed the goggles.
"Hey Brian, these worked pretty good. We should get going. We're
supposed to be at the party now. Mind if I keep them in my
Brian turned to answer and laughed. "What's so funny Bri?"
"I think you might have had the goggles on too tight."
Tanya walked into the bathroom. "Oh no - I have raccoon eyes! How
long is this going to last?"
Brian hoisted Tanya onto the counter and moved between her
thighs. He stroked his semi-erect cock up and down the wet slit
of her cunt. "Don't worry Tanya, I know what we can do while we

<2nd attachment end>

<3rd attachment, "BS Brush with destiny.doc" begin>

Tanya scooted in next to Brian until her thigh was pressed
tightly against his. Their friends crowded into the booth beside
them. She felt Brian's hand resting in her bare thigh and felt
familiar warmth fill her. Brian was her first real boyfriend and
they were enjoying the exploration of discovery of each other's
bodies and preferences. Some of the things she was doing with
Brian surprised her. To think that she let him cum on her face
shocked even her. But that was their business and no one else
really needed to know. And they certainly didn't need to know how
much Tanya enjoyed it. 
"Hey Tanya, do you have a brush I could use?"
"Sure Cindy, got one in here somewhere - oh here you go."
Tanya pulled the brush out of her purse. A pair of swim goggles
came with it.
"Since when did you start swimming Tanya?" Tanya gasped out an
"ohmigod" and blushed crimson as she grabbed at them. Brian
started to laugh and the other guys at the table soon joined him.
The girls glared at Tanya.
"Well it stings if it gets in my eyes. What do you do?"

<3rd attachment end>

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